About me.

My name is Clarence Kenny Plank II and I am a member of the paranormal group called Family Haunts. The group was founded by my uncle Clint Molnar in 2011 as away to spend time with his family. Over the past six years we have caught some very compelling evidence of the existence of spirits and ghost. There is a difference between the two.

I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in Journalism. I’ve written poetry and short stories, somethings have been published, but not all.

I run the website for familyhaunts.com and post content to it. Also, I am the equipment technician for our group. During our investigations we have stumbled upon some interesting things and learned more about the paranormal world. What many people might dismiss, that there are things in this world that are way beyond the understanding of human beings.

I believe in somethings, but not all things because there are some truths to the old legends, myths and stories told by different cultures over the millennia. Why would I be crazy enough to believe things like this? So many things have happened to me and family that really make you stop and think about the possibility.