Unidentified Flying Objects II

Ever since man found his courage and stepped out of his cave, gaze into the night sky, there has been a fascination with those twinkling lights in the sky. Sometimes those lights flickered, moved, or sped across the veil of night. U.F.O.’s has been on the lips on human beings ever since. As a descendant of those humans. I still stand in wonder. Do I believe in aliens? I do, because we’re not alone in the universe. God created life, and life evolved overtime. There are missing links from one species to another, and some are just created from nothing. U.F.O.’s can be many things due to the origin of the unknown.

People talk about Hanger 51 and the secret projects going on there. Top secret technology reverse-engineered from crashed U.F.O.’s setting us up for major breakthroughs over the decades. For instances, stealth technology with the Stealth Fighters and Bombers in recent years. A technology that many people believe is alien technology. Huh? The Third Reich, Adolph Hitler, you know those crazy Nazis built the first stealth model craft to use in World War II. It never got off the ground during testing. It had a steel frame with a wood covering.

Someone found it in Germany after the war. Unless, Hitler was an alien? Could explain somethings. I don’t see that being a theory. National Geographic did a story on the Horten 229. You can research it on the web and probably find the documentary on Youtube. The German aircraft weighed 2200 pounds, over a ton, and was very difficult to get into the air. It had twin jet engines to power it. The design of it adsorbing radar waves instead of reflecting them, made the aircraft unique for it’s time. I believe that is how stealth works when it comes to being invisible to radar.

The human brain can imagine, and with human hands, create. Unfortunately, those same hands, deal in death. Humans can be destructive, and most of times to ourselves. What if, these aliens are here to protect us. It’s possible. What if, they’re here to enslave us, or wipe us out? Slavery is still around today, carried out by their fellow man, or woman. The direction we are going with violence upon each other in every corner of the world. We look for labels, and not at the person beneath. We might be doing them (Aliens) a favor, if we don’t find some common ground, and make peace before something else, makes us an endangered species.

Getting back to U.F.O.’s, if the military, or I should say government has this kind of technology, it could be interesting, but wrong. A government is the power of the people. Power corrupts. I don’t buy into government conspiracy stuff because it’s a waste of time. I deal in the paranormal, cryptology and U.F.O.’s, not crazy talk. Ironic, I know, all things considering.

I believe in the truth of things that have been seen. Things of legend, or old tales because there is a hint of truth in all of it. There are times when I look at the night sky, and see lights moving up there. I have an app on my phone, which takes the guess work out of it. Sometimes it’s a satellite, others are unknown. I live near Nashville so, being in a jets flight path, isn’t out of the question.

According to some TV shows, the government is releasing information to the public about sightings under the Freedom of Information Act, which is good, however, too much information can be overwhelming. Also, it depends on who’s releasing the information? Remember, power corrupts. Power is information, and who controls that information, controls people. So, remember to research the fuck out of things. Ask questions, get involved, interview, find reliable sources for your information.



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