The difference between Ghost and Spirits

458785_10151563464295179_1205533880_oWhen we’re alive, we are walking batteries. Walking, talking bags of nuclear energy. Energy on a grand scale, once it is released, it reacts with the environment we live in. The environment is a blank recorder and our energy writes upon it. Just like magnetized flakes of metal on sticky tape. Our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions can become a part of the universe. Sometimes, those imprint on the environment. When this happens-you have the residual effect of a tape recorder, playing over-and-over again. I mean haven’t you ever heard the expression: “Be careful what you say into the air.”

The thought that we are human batteries might sound farfetched, but the truth of the matter is very plausible. The 1999 movie “The Matrix” touches on this theory with machines using us as batteries to power themselves. Much can be said about the paranormal world because in some cases our energy can sometimes power the ghost who reside in haunted places. Other times, the environment is a factor, or the building and land.

In some cases, people experience different things in homes that are possessed, or haunted. One family may see and hear things. Objects move on their own, and sometimes shadows appear, however, when a different family moves in, the house is quiet. Perhaps, this due to the combination of energy a family, or person gives off. Positive people and a negative home, or negative people and positive place. Not the actions, but how their energy flows out of them. Something like, a high Electromagnetic Field they give off and it causes an unnatural feedback within the home. It’s just a theory of mine.

In Bedford County, while it hasn’t been documented. People see ghostly shadows moving through the night. These are ghost of the soldiers who responded to the call to retreat during the Civil War. Much of the war was fought from Alabama, Georgia and into Tennessee. As the Rebels started losing ground to Northern troops. They ran from the battlefields of Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Franklin, and Columbia. These soldiers left their mark in their hast to survive the war. Chris Barstad, a long-time friend and investigator said people have seen shadow people, and in some cases shadow horses. Interesting.

When we die, our soul leaves our body, or the nuke explodes. Death is a violent release of this energy.  Especially, if the death is unnatural and too soon, but I don’t know if this can be true. I’ve read and heard stories of certain people who live to be 21 and die young. The story goes to the effect of experiencing or doing an act they didn’t in a previous life. Other people die young because they were destined to leave their mark on the world. There are plenty of celebrity and average people who can added to this list. Psychics and mediums say that death is a unnatural event, and when a life ceases to exist it effects the environment. Things gather when the light grows dim.

It is at this point when a spirit or ghost is made. A person who goes on to be judged comes back to warn people, or as a guardian angel. Often, it’s a family member, a close friend who comes back to let someone know, they’re doing fine. After my grandmother, and aunt Tina died, they came to visit the family often in our dreams. Either this was our way of dealing with the passing of loved ones, or they were telling us, they loved us, even from the grave.

Ghost, are different. They shun the light, or fear they the punishment they would receive. Sometimes the experience of dying leaves them confused, and they feel alive. This is where ghost come into play.

One of our cases-a family was haunted by a ghost, during our investigation we learned the guy had died in another town, but his soul, still resides at that house. So, either something is keeping him there, or he was happy and wanted to remain in the old house.

Nothing violent happened to the family, but things were uneasy for them. In some cases, there’s a ghost who’s more powerful than the other ghost. I want to say, this ghost has learned to draw energy from the others, and focus it upon the living. When we investigated the Old Lincoln County Hospital in Fayetteville, Tenn., and experienced multiple ghost living there.

Even though the hospital is old, abandoned and decaying with each passing day. The ghosts are active there, but are they more active when someone walks into the place or not? I say this because I’ve often wondered, if they become active when a walking battery enters their home?  But, there are so many other places that are haunted, and things move without anyone being in the place. Some businesses have fluorescent lights and they put out some energy a ghost could use to manifest themselves. That’s another theory of mine. So, what about places without power?

During a walkthrough of the hospital before an investigating, just to get the lay of the land for setup. I have a digital recorder going for my notes. We usually catch EVPs while doing this. Creepy, intelligent EVPs. (An EVP, is short for electronic voice phenomena)

My cousin Brittany, while we were on the third floor, gave the names of the investigators who were present, so I would know who was talking during our search. One voice came through saying “All of us.” The EVP wasn’t the sign there was more than one ghost being there, but from other investigators and mediums who investigated the place before us. It was proof that there are intelligent ghost living there. These ghost, often made attempts to speak to us. From using a walkie-talkie to communicate, which freaked out the guy who was using it, to making noises to draw us toward them.

We know there are five ghost there, with one of them being the strongest of the bunch. A bad man who resides on the third floor. Is he evil? I don’t know. Someone mentioned that if a person was a jerk in life, it carries over to the other side. I think the dominate ghost, is drawing the energy from the others, or they combine their strength to protect themselves.

The reason I say these ghosts are intelligent-is due to one of them asking where was the camera so we can take their picture. Our first trip out there, we asked if they would let us take a picture of them. We caught something very strange that can’t be debunked, because we tried.

The hospital has no power, but it is active because people have seen lights in the oldest part of the building at night. Very reliable people have seen these lights on the third floor and investigated. Only to find nothing.

My uncle and I wonder if ghost draw their energy from someplace else. An energy well, that ebbs and flows throughout the night. We’ve experienced times where the activity went on for a certain amount of time throughout the night. Sometimes it would be active for weeks or months, and then disappear for months. We think the Earths Electromagnetic Field has something to do with this. Ghost might draw their energy from the environment during EMF storms during solar flares. It’s just a theory.


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