Existence of U.F.O.’s

Have you ever wondered about U.F.O.’s? There are too many people seeing strange things in the night skies around the world. Those unidentified flying objects that zip around in the sky over air bases, mountains, or completely mess up your scenic pictures. Out of all the things people search for, it’s the idea of life existing on other planets.

That we’re not alone in the universe. That God, created only us. I think we are arrogant to believe such a thing. No, I am not crazy, nor do I wear foil hats to block out the radio waves the Government is using on us. Life is so complex, to think that something completely at random created us. It was God. The Bible talks about a human encountering what could be described as a U.F.O., in Ezekiel 1:4-16. Ezekiel encountered, which can only be described as a U.F.O., or if you’re a Stargate fan. He met Ra.

Anyway, the smoke he saw was the rockets cooling off after landing, and he described the aliens as they stepped out of the ship. So, he encountered ancient aliens from another world, we can assume, but I wasn’t alive back then. The Bible is a rich textbook of human history, told by the prophets and people who lived back then. People were surprised when Roman ruins were found in Jerusalem, even though the Bible talks about Roman rule.

Getting back to U.F.O.’s, these often metallic looking, random shaped vessels are often seen by people with credible backgrounds and lives. You know, not Bubba Bob from across the dirt road. Who was abducted, and had an alien put a probe up his butt. Which, what can you learn from a butt? Other than Bubba ate a cheeseburger three months ago. Red meat can stick with you for a while.

Wouldn’t it be funny, if some alien, years ago, lost a ring during an experiment and has been looking for it, and since all humans look alike, him and his friends, keep picking up the wrong people? Sorry, just a random thought. Getting back to my point, policemen, firefighters, pilots from the military to regular people have seen them.

Again, it’s the thought of the unknown. Strange lights can be seen in the desert in Nevada and Texas. People think it could be ball lightning, which it very well could be. The world we live in is a strange and wonderful place. It has a beauty of its own. Wouldn’t you agree? Outside of wars, poverty, overpopulation, and death. There are places on this Earth that are a true wonder to behold.

So, why wouldn’t aliens want to stop in and see those wonders too? Who knows. I’ve seen different kind of U.F.O.’s in my life. Two triangle shaped ships with jet engines moving silently through the night sky. A bunch of dancing lights, spinning and zig-zagging their way to the North.

Also, I’ve seen luminaries for the dead, or for a wedding being released in the night. There’s a huge difference between what I’ve seen in Chattanooga and Alabama all those years ago, compared to paper lanterns floating in the sky. You don’t forget something like that. Someone could chalk it up for space debris, satellites, Freedom Space Station (Which I saw this go over one afternoon, pretty. freaking. cool).

The Internet and books have been written on the subject, countless television shows have been made with experts using computers to debunk, and verify these objects. I remember seeing one where a scientist used a computer to scan a photo of a flying saucer. The image went through several different colors to negative space. He said he was looking for strings, or proof the picture was edited, but nothing came of it. He proved it was real.

I get, you can’t take things at face value you these days. So many people looking for their 15-minutes of fame. Whether alien life exists on another world, we may never see it in our lifetime, but some people hold out hope, and work to prove the existence of aliens. All I say, is continue looking toward the night skies. You just might see something wonderful.


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