A history of Paranormal innocence

My fascination with the paranormal started at a very young age, while watching ‘In Search Of’ with my mother. Leonard Nimoy a.k.a. ‘Spock’, used to host the show. Each week, we would look forward to watching, Mr. Nimoy investigate Bigfoot sightings, ghost hauntings, search for the Loch Ness Monster and U.F.O.’s. My mom used to tell me about the Unidentified Flying Object she would see in daytime sky as a little girl in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“It was cigar shaped,” She said, pointing to where she had seen it, just above the trees. “It was silver and hovered there for a little while before vanishing.” Mom saw this thing multiple times over the years. I remember being told about the rumors of Signal Mountain being a secret U.F.O. base and often these objects would be seen heading toward the mountain.

Now, whether that is true, or not. I don’t know. Mom shared these things with my Great-Grandfather Clovis Williamson, mom didn’t say much about his thoughts on U.F.O.’s. My great-grandfather was a Jack-of-All trades, a mechanic, a fireman, and doubled as a policeman in 1933. He spoke German and tinkered around in his garage fixing appliances, after he retired. I remember seeing his old tube radio in the garage, he used to listen to radio stations from around the world at night.

Great-grandfather told my mom, if someone wanted to find Bigfoot, all they need to do is figure out when they migrate, and where to. They have a set pattern, just like any other animal. My mom used to tell me how Native American tribes were at war with Bigfoot, and I think that came from my Great-Grandmother Eva Williamson because she was part Native American.

She believed in a lot of the old timey ways. Eva used potions and remedies to help the family when they were sick. She could have spun yarns a mile long about Bigfoot and Aliens or more. Jumping forward, I saw my first U.F.O., when I was 15. I saw a spinning circle of lights. A long line of lights following the circle, and a single light trailing after in a zig-zag pattern. They were heading North.

I rushed into the house to tell my grandmother about it, and later called my uncle Buck Molnar. Buck believed I saw a U.F.O., but still thought I was crazy. Grandma’s response was you need to stay in the house, instead of being outside at night.

I only saw them once, but once I started spending more time in Alabama with my aunt Tina and uncle Terry. I saw strange things in the night sky there. Weird dark triangle shaped ships with engines burning bright orange. During this time, Bridgeport, Alabama reported seeing strange objects in the sky too. Along, with cow mutilations in the surrounding countries. People talked about seeing black helicopters the day before the mutilations hovering over fields. My mom and sister still see strange things in the sky at night to this day.

So, my influences on the paranormal, or strange things began with my family and my overactive imagination. Later my uncle asked me if I wanted to join his paranormal team. I used to beg him to let me go on his haunts with him in Nashville.

Buck started meeting up with a paranormal group in Nashville. He was hoping to join the group, and do some investigations. He accompanied them to a couple of places, but that didn’t pan out. Buck decided to start his own paranormal group, with his wife Rita, so they can spend time with their kids before they started their own lives. In 2011, Family Haunts began.

Buck asked me to come along and since then it has been a strange and wonderful journey into the unknown. Rita told me, that when she was a kid, she thought Bigfoot used to live in the woods across the street in Chattanooga. I wasn’t afraid of Bigfoot, I was afraid of Godzilla. My aunt Tina and Rita used to say the stomping sound I heard at night was him walking around. It scared me.

It wasn’t until I was older and realized it was the appliance factory down the road making the noise. This happened when Rita went to live with a friend of hers. They lived next to plant and the noise was the machine pressing metal to make washer machine bodies.

Too me growing up in Chattanooga, I saw smoke stacks blazing fire at night from the windows at the Pancake Man on Missionary Ridge. Those flames coming out of the smoke stacks at the U.S Pipe Factory in Chattanooga, was Godzilla breathing fire. The flames died in 2006, I believe when the place closed.

In closing, my mom used to take me to see a U.F.O. shaped house on Signal Mountain. It was odd to see something like this, but cool. It’s a time share property now. A kid has a Youtube video of the inside of the place. I guess the U.F.O. house is where the idea of an alien base came from.


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