Questions about the normal

As a Paranormal Investigator people often ask me about the paranormal. Some people believe in it, while others-just don’t. I’ve had people even question my religious beliefs, which is interesting to say the least. I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Much of this comes from the years of religion being shoved down my throat. I believe in the Devil, and demons because there is an Yin and Yang to everything. There’s no light without darkness.

The question people often ask have you caught anything, or how do you know if it is real? Most of the time, when we travel to investigate a place, we’re there to see if the place is haunted, or what people experience being there. We try to re-enact those situations to see if we can duplicate what someone experienced. Basically, debunk it.

That’s the key to every investigation. Debunking it. Now, residential investigations are different from a business, or historical place. Other investigators have been there, and they caught something. We try to go into a place, and run our own experiments. Sometimes, we try to see if we can catch the same things other people have caught. We figure if Group A and Group B caught a shadow coming down the stairs before. Then we should have the same results as those two groups, when we setup our cameras on that stairwell.

We just up the ante a bit, by setting up a camera, maybe the Kinect with that, and do EVP sessions there to see if something responds. Most places are haunted, some ebb and flow over the course of the night, while others only do things when they feel like it. Ghosts have a tendency of not being active when certain groups are around. We’ve had our fair share of this.

Sometimes, we’re successful in doing so, but other times we can’t re-create that moment because the environment. The environment is a like a giant tape recorder. Even though, it might seem not like it, but it is true. The environment absorbs the psychic energy of an emotional event. Therefore, people claim to hear screams, cannons, and shots being fired at night in battlefields. Why at night? It is quiet.

The sample size is very important. If it is a large battlefield, where a lot of people died, than anyplace within, or outside of the battlefield presents itself as a chance to record echoes from the past. This is the same to be true with a residence, or business. Even though, murder, or extreme violence could leave a psychic imprint on the environment.

I read that a psychic left a powerful impression of herself in her old house. A paranormal group went in and got EVPs of that person laughing. Even though, the psychic is still alive.

Being a part of the paranormal world, means you’re always learning things, and people are always coming up with new theories, while debunking others. People try to rattle you with their questions, or poke fun, and try to make you look bad. I just tell them, believe what you want. From my personal experiences, there are things beyond our understanding in this world.

While opinions may differ from one group to another about the paranormal. It depends on what they have encountered during their investigations. Sometimes you run into people who are a little shady, or mean well, but something isn’t right. Usually, after talking to people, you get a general idea of what is going on with them.

We’ve had one case where something was off about the investigation and we found nothing paranormal, just environmental issues. And you run into things like that, where you would suggest they get with someone who fixes plumbing, does electrical work, or construction because somethings are out of our hands.

Some people ask if we charge, which is a profound NO, and if anyone does charge for paranormal investigations, don’t use them. This is a research driven field. We’re gathering evidence of the existence of ghost, spirits, and creatures to prove these things are real.

Even though, it can get very expensive for us. Yes, you can do rechargeable batteries, replace worn out equipment, pay for editing software, gas money, food, and hotel accommodations if travel takes more than a few hours, but it is worth it if we catch something.

A couple of people always worry about us bringing something into their home when we come to investigate. Shoot, we’re more worried about bringing what they have back with us. There is a risk in everything we do, so we try to our best in protecting ourselves.

We’ve been asked what have we caught? We usually show people, or just send them to our website. We have caught different things on film and somethings we still wonder about. Whether its EVPs, something moving on camera, or something we experience first-hand. I’ve been touched, scratched, seen shadows move on their own, heard voices, and felt cold sensations. It is an interesting field of study.


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