What is Bigfoot?

There’s been numerous sightings of Bigfoot over the years and more so as the human population has grown to number in the billions. Chances are people are going to encounter Bigfoot as their habitat starts to shrink. Scientists are discovering new species of animals, plants and insects daily around the world. So, why isn’t possible for Bigfoot to become one of these known species?

Bigfoot is an Elemental: A forest spirit who possibly protects the forest and the animals that dwell within. It is not outside the realm of possibility. There is something to the sightings and recorded sounds these creatures make. Documented cases where footprints have been found, grainy pictures are taken and people talk about the smell when they happen upon the human sized ape or large hairy man.

But what could it be, when no bodies have been found or scat (poop). People might say they have found poop, but I think it’s a bunch of poop. The Native Americans talk about Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch in their native dialect. They describe a tall hairy man who lives in the forest, mountains or plains, who protects the Earth. Some tribes co-exist with them, while others are still at war with it.

I’m not a cryptologist or study mystic creatures, so my ideals are just theories our group have discussed in the past. For me, I believe that Bigfoot is an Elemental because no other evidence than footprints prove of its existence. If not, then there is a giant hairy basketball player lost in the woods. Can you imagine trying to find a pair of shoes in a size 35?

Another reason I believe them to be elemental are their pictures. If someone tries to capture proof. Their pictures are grainy. I think is caused when the creature travels through portals. They give off a high EMF (Electro Magnetic Field), which in turn, make it difficult to photograph them. This field screws up the sensors on cameras.

They open a portal in the Earthlines, which are the invisible lines on a global. Those lines connect to other dimensions. I think if a Bigfoot is near death, it goes into these dimensions to die, thus removing any evidence of their existence. I often wonder if someone was to use a K-II meter to test the high EMF theory when someone finds footprint or had a possible sighting.

These creatures might be able to render themselves invisible so they can’t be detected by humans, but certain animals do sense them being there. Dogs, cats and other wild animals. Coyotes who travel in packs might be following a Bigfoot in order to scavenge what they have caught for food.

This would explain the smell. They are a dominate species or predator which warns other animals to stay away. The Skunk ape in Florida is proof of this. Unless someone was able to capture one. However, I think society would not believe it.

During the 1960s someone had a Bigfoot frozen in ice and was touring the United States with it, but once people wanted to see if it was actually real. The creature disappeared. So who knows.

I honestly, don’t believe these creatures hunt livestock or domesticated animals, like dogs or cats. There are so many things that we don’t know about Bigfoot and I suggest to read books on the subject. My reasoning for this, is the fact anyone can post something to the Internet. There are so many people who shouldn’t have Internet access.




4 thoughts on “What is Bigfoot?

  1. Long before the interne, sightings of hairy humanoids deep within the forest has been occurring across the globe for centuries. There could be only two possibilities which either the creature exists and is outsmarting humans or it doesn’t exist then someone is going through a lot of trouble to make people believe this cryptid is real and we then enter into conspiracies that only brings on more of a headache.

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    • Hello and thanks for the comment. That is the question whether or not Bigfoot exist. A creature who is centuries old probably has many skills in learning how to hide. So, who knows, but one day someone is going to find one. It just depends on how much proof people are willing to believe.


  2. I read that the Patterson–Gimlin film was a hoax. I don’t know if Sasquatch is real or not, but I do love the hairy beast.

    Minor suggestions for improvement:
    1) and [more so] as the human
    2) need colon after “Elemental”
    3) [its] existence.
    4) [their] pictures
    5) Internet should be capitalized

    I wrote a funny short story (950 words) called “One Night with a Sasquatch.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback: https://christopherjohnlindsay.wordpress.com/2016/09/03/one-night-with-a-sasquatch/

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    • Thank you for the comment and the edit. I read that article to about it being a hoax. In away it could be a psycho-semantic group think where people believe they have encountered a Bigfoot. But you can dismiss what Native Americans have seen or passed down in stories. Even though these things might not exist anymore there’s a grain of truth to it.

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